Text Links

There are two kinds of text links — internal & external.

Internal Links

Links between the pages of your website are called internal links. Here’s an example.

[Contact Us](/contact-us) links to your Contact Us page: Contact Us.

The text inside the [ ] brackets, “Contact Us”, is the link text people click on. The text inside the ( ) parentheses, “/contact”, is where people go after clicking your link (eg. your Contact Us page). When someone clicks on the link above their web browser will take them to https://yourdomain.com/contact-us.


Internal links start with /.

External Links

Links to other websites are called external links. Here are two examples.

[Apple home page](https://apple.com) links to the Apple home page.

[Buy an Apple iPhone](https://apple.com/iphone) links to the iPhone page on Apple’s website — Buy an Apple iPhone.


External links require the domain for the website you are linking to (eg. https://externaldomain.com).

Links to a Block on the Same Page

Each block has an ID in the lower left corner. You can link directly to the block by referencing the block ID in your link. Use the format below, changing the number for your block’s ID.


If you want to link to a block on another page, the link will look like this.



If you are working on a brand new page you’ll need to save your page (Publish or Set to Draft) and reload to see your block’s ID.

Button Links

If you’re using a block with a button, you don’t need the brackets [ ] around your link text or parenthases ( ) around your link.

Button links can be Internal or External.

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