Page Titles

  • Keep the page title under 60 characters to avoid truncation
  • The page title should tell the reader what the page is about
  • Use keywords but don’t stuff the title or make it something that is hard to read
  • Put keywords towards the front if possible (it’s OK if the business name is at the end)
  • Use numbers to make some titles stand out (if you include the year, make a note on your calendar to update it; using a phone number has been proven to increase the number of phone calls)
  • Do not use ALL CAPS (don’t capitalize every letter)
  • Title Case Is Normal (capitalize the first letter of every word except for, a, the, in, etc.)
  • Sentence case is good too (you can capitalize the first word and use lower case for the rest)
  • Write a unique title for every page
The Best Boys Sports Camp Near You, Greylock Sleepaway Camp

Page Description

  • Keep the page description under 160 characters
  • Think of the description as sales copy — draw the Google searcher to the page with a quick overview of the page and the site.
  • Google doesn’t factor keywords in the description into your page rank so don’t worry about using them here
  • It’s a good idea to include basic sales information into page descriptions: gender, age, location, session lengths
  • Use a call to action (eg. Click here to learn more) to draw people in
Greylock is known for our outstanding sports programs, but our outdoor adventure and arts programs are just as much fun! We offer full and short sessions for boys ages 7-16.