4 Easy Steps

We’ve simplified website building.

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Step 1

Pick Your Design

Our design will engage your audience and make your brand stand out. Choose the design you love.

Pick Your Design
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Step 2

One-on-One Training

Learn how your website works in a personalized one-on-one training session. We can teach you in less than an hour. This key step saves you money, and maximizes the ROI of your website by putting you in charge!

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Step 3

Craft Your Site

Our intuitive page crafting platform and step-by-step instructions make a normally complex process simple.

If you hit a snag, get your questions answered in a live Q&A session.

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Step 4

Launch & make a difference, as only you can.

You were made with a purpose. Be strong and courageous. Use your website to do something that matters.

Start Today

Why the 4 Steps Are Important

  • Choosing a ready-made design saves you time & money.
  • One-on-one training gives you the knowledge to take control of your website.
  • Crafting your site lets you practice before you launch so you are confident managing your site.
  • Launching faster helps you get results faster.
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A Typewriter & Co. website saves you time, money, and frustration.

Pick Your Design